Fantastic Indoor Games to Keep Your Children Busy

In severe winter and rainy seasons most children are likely to scuttle inside their homes, and this is likely to be quite a challenge. A challenge in the sense that with small, energetic and curious children confined to a house all day, they are likely to mess the house, and engage in anything they think makes them have fun. However, you can introduce some fantastic indoor games to keep them busy and occupied. Besides, you can join them in playing such indoor games, and in the process get to bond with them more. The only major hindrance to playing such games would be lack of enough space in the house, but even for that, there are some indoor games one can play without using much space.

One such indoor games which you can play with your children without using much space is a picnic. This game offers a cute way of brightening the children’s days, and making them occupied for some time. This game is played by one having a blanket and some food. You then spread the blanket on the floor, and then have all the children gather round for an indoor picnic. You will be surprised that the moment the children come together, their curious minds will take over, and before long, they are converting this indoor picnic into something they can spend hours engaging in.

A tea party is also a nice indoor game for children. This is particularly so for girls, and you let them dress up in some of your old dresses and then attend a formal tea party. With the girls putting on your old dresses, they will love the feeling that they are like grown ups, and they will enjoy each moment of it.

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